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Spend your vacation in this amazing island country

Indonesia is the tourist destination for anyone who loves water. This is because the country boasts of some of the finest islands found in the globe today. If you are a lover of sea sports, you should visit Mentawai islands, or any other islands of Indonesia. The finest place for scuba diving and snorkelling in the whole of Indonesia is Bunaken. As you go underwater, you will be in a position to see over 70% fish species found in the Pacific Ocean. As you go through Indonesia news, you will find out that the best time to visit Bunaken is in the months of April and November. One of the renowned National parks of Indonesia is the Komodo National park. This national park is found in the Island of Sunda, where you will find smaller islands. This national park got its name from the famous Komodo dragon, the biggest reptile found in the world, with a length of 3 meters, and a weight of 70 Kg. The Komodo dragon is not harmful to human beings, since it feeds on dead animals.

In this famous country, you will come across some of the most remarkable sights that you have never seen in your whole life. You will find that the world's most famous Buddhist temple known as Borobudur is only 40 km from Jakarta Indonesia. This temple was built in the ninth century, it took 75 years to complete, and 2 million stones were used in building it. This temple was deserted in the 14th century for unexplained reasons, and volcanic ash was used for covering it. When it comes to stunning beaches, you can only find them in Indonesia. All the 18,000 islands of Indonesia have beaches that will leave you asking for more. From Java Island to Lombok Island and Bali Island, beautiful beaches grace these islands. The main reason why numerous tourists visit Indonesia is because of the numerous beaches, although the country is known for major archaeological discoveries, wonderful cultural diversity, and historical monuments.

If you are looking for a beach where you can spend a peaceful and relaxed vacation away from the crowds and noise, then Gili islands beaches is the finest place to be. The islands of Gili are found near Lombok, and have three islands that are popular because their shapes resemble spots on the surface of the sea. These islands are known as Meno, Gili Trawangan and Air. If you are still not convinced why you need to visit Indonesia, then you had better listen to Indonesia news or read about the amazing tourist destination on the Internet.


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Menu Makanan Diet Keto

Diet ketogenic merupakan pengaturan pola makan yang tinggi lemak, namun rendah asupan karbohidratnya. Ahli gizi lulusan University of Sydney, Leona Victoria, mengungkapkan beberapa menu yang dapat dikonsumsi bagi mereka yang ingin menjalankan diet ketogenic.

Ia menjelaskan, menu ketogenic biasanya memfokuskan pada makanan tinggi lemak seperti, alpukat, santan, kelapa, telur, keju, krim, kulit binatang (ceker, kerupuk kulit dan lainya), serta, sumber-sumber hewani. Sedangkan di tahap awal, makanan seperti sayuran dihindari.

Dalam diet ini jumlah karbohidratnya mencapai 10-15 gram per hari. Jadi sangat sedikit, namun tetap ada kandungan karbonya.

Ia mengatakan, untuk makanan tinggi lemak biasanya cukup banyak. Apabila mengonsumsi makanan tinggi lemak dan protein, memang biasanya juga tidak gampang merasa lapar. Sehingga terkesan porsinya banyak lemaknya, padahal jika dibandingkan makanan biasa akan lebih rendah kalorinya.

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